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Handmade Japanese Cast Iron Teapots and Trivets from IWACHU. Beautifully designed Cookware Sets keeps tea hotter for longer and make it taste better. 

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Handmade Japanese Cast Iron Teapots and Trivets from IWACHU. Beautifully designed Cookware Sets keeps tea hotter for longer and make it taste better. 

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Recipe - Green Tea Bread

Iron Kitchen

Delicious Green Tea Bread with used tea leaves

Green Tea Bread

Green Tea Bread


After the festive season, you could be a bit a sick of turkey and your stomach could be in need of recovery. So, why not relax and enjoy our green tea bread with a lovely cup of green tea?

As well as tasting great and surprising your friends and relatives, eating green tea leaves helps provide vitamin E and catechins.

This dish is perfect with a cup of Sencha served in an Iron Kitchen SENBIKI Green teapot.

Water with used tea leaves together  210g
(Used tea leaves 120 ~ 150g)
Strong bread flour  280 g
Skimmed milk  2 tablespoons
Sugar  1 tablespoon
Salt  1 teaspoon
Butter (or olive oil) 10g
Dry yeast 2.7g

(Raisins for English tea bread - optional 120g)

Strain the green tea and have your used tea leaves in Ziploc or plastic bag and keep in the freezer.
You can make bread with green tea only or mix of different kind of tea.


  1. Defrost used tea leaves thoroughly.
  2. Add all the ingredients in the bread pan, except dry yeast. Please follow the instruction of your bread maker. (Some of the Breadmakers might suggest you add dry yeast at the same time. You can also add raisins later)
  3. Once ready, take the loaf out from the bread pan. Be careful the pan will be very hot! Please use thick towel or oven mit.
  4. Leave the loaf until cool down for about 20minutes and slice.
  5. Now enjoy the green tea bread. It will nice its own or with butter.


 Tips and points

Green tea bread is rich tea bread like with Matcha.
Mix bread such as English tea and herb tea to vary tastes. Try with cream cheese. It's gorgeous.
 You can, of course make bread with fresh unused tea leaves, but it's better with used tea leaves, so you can enjoy the tea twice!

New Cookware from IWACHU

Iron Kitchen

IWACHU Omelette pan

The unique gifts of Iron Kitchen’s cast iron cookware

Better heat distribution
Cast iron pans are unique in their ability to distribute heat evenly. Properties within the iron mean they are highly compatible with oil. This means that the oil is heated equally and also prevents food from sticking.


IWACHU Omelette pan is beautiful design and deeper in front to shape omelette perfectly.

24-600 5.png

For more details for this Omelette pan, please click here.....


Also our new IWCHU Frying pan have pouring spouts on both sides. This makes it equally easy for right-handed or left-handed people when it comes to transferring food to your plate.

IWACHU Frying Pan 24

For more details for this frying pan, please click here....