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Handmade Japanese Cast Iron Teapots and Trivets from IWACHU. Beautifully designed Cookware Sets keeps tea hotter for longer and make it taste better. 

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Handmade Japanese Cast Iron Teapots and Trivets from IWACHU. Beautifully designed Cookware Sets keeps tea hotter for longer and make it taste better. 

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The Iron Kitchen Guide to Japan -No.5-

Iron Kitchen

Mount Takao

If you aren't doing Fuji and you want monkeys and mountains, this is the place. If you go, you also need to visit the Takao-san Monkey Park


Kyoto – Kiyomisudera

The most famous temple in Japan.


Nara Deer Park

For all your feeding deer and reclining Buddha needs. 


Kamakura Giant Buddha

If you only see one Buddha, make it this Buddha (or the other one above). View on


Yoyogi Park

Go for the greenery - stay for the Goths.


Kinkakuji, Kyoto

Famed Golden Pavillion may be a travel cliché but it is breathtakingly beautiful. www.japan-

The Iron Kitchen guide to Japan -No.3-

Iron Kitchen

Tsukiji Fish Market

Loads of fun and a must for sushi lovers. Drinking sake and Japanese beer and eating raw fish at 7 in the morning with market workers will give you a taste for the real Japan. Get there early – 4am or 5am in the morning. 


Flea markets Osaka

Osaka has shiploads of flea markets and vintage shops - we spent days and days wandering around these. 


Sumo wrestling

Tickets can be hard to come by but it's a must if you can get there. View on



Tallest tower in the world – great views (obviously). 


Tokyo Imperial Palace

You’ll be going here anyway but here’s a link






The Iron Kitchen guide to Japan -No.2-

Iron Kitchen

Nikko Edo Village

Fabulous Ninja theme park. Even my husband’s 70-year-old dad enjoyed it and he doesn’t like anything except his grandson, Scotch and crime novels! 


Fuji Q Highland and Onsen at Fuji Q Highland

Fuji Q is a great theme park and has the biggest roller coaster in Japan plus a terrifying J- horror exhibit/maze/performance art chase. The bath house (onsen) next door is excellent. 


Alice in Wonderland restaurant

Fun, weird and does a lovely stew. A must for Lewis Carroll, Disney or Cosplay fans. Alice's Fantasy Restaurant


Ueno Koen Zoo and flea market

Beautiful park and zoo in the heart of Tokyo. If you're not into zoos, the park is lovely and the flea markets are great. 


Alcatraz ER

Not anyone's idea of a local but fun for an evening.



Adding extra iron to your diet

Iron Kitchen

An Iron Kitchen cast iron kettle may help those with iron deficiency

Iron is an essential mineral. And despite healthier diets and lifestyles, iron deficiency is still the most common nutritional disorder in the world, according to the Wolrd Health Organisation and the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The deficiency can lead to anaemia, whose symptoms include fatigue and irritability among others.

However, a number of studies have found that using iron teapots and cooking with iron utensils can increase the iron content in the body.

A report from the American Dietetic Association revealed that when using cast iron teapots, a good amount of iron is leached into the boiling water. This results in the tea becoming infused with iron and tea drinkers receiving a boost of iron, minerals and nutrients. 

A further study by the American Dietetic Association found that cooking with cast iron can increase the iron content in food, while a report in the medial journal The Lancet stated that children fed food from iron pots had lower rates of anaemia and better growth than children whose food was cooked in aluminium pots. 

Obviously those suffering from such a deficiency should seek medial attention, however, the health benefits of iron cookware have been proven and give you just one more reason to buy an Iron Kitchen teapot. To get the best iron infusion, we recommend buying the IWACHU Cast iron Kettle/teapot - Set ARARE, which is not enamelled and can be used on you stove.