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Handmade Japanese Cast Iron Teapots and Trivets from IWACHU. Beautifully designed Cookware Sets keeps tea hotter for longer and make it taste better. 

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Handmade Japanese Cast Iron Teapots and Trivets from IWACHU. Beautifully designed Cookware Sets keeps tea hotter for longer and make it taste better. 

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It's National Tea Day, so why not get a proper teapot?

Iron Kitchen


If you're celebrating the only day of the year devoted to tea, then surely you should get yourself something special

It's the 21st of April and it's a special day in the tea calendar. In fact, it's probably the only special day in the tea calendar. Actually, there's no such thing as a tea calendar and we're not really sure that National Tea day should really be a thing but it is, so we thought we'd celebrate it.
Whether you're a fan of Oolong, Green or Builder's, there's no better way to enjoy a cuppa than with a genuine Iwachu cast-iron teapot from Iron Kitchen. Our teapots keep the tea hotter for longer, bring out the full flavour of the brew and look glorious. 
So, on this special day for all things tea, why not treat yourself? And even if you don't purchase an Arare or a Hikifune teapot, we still wish you the happiest of National Tea Days.
And, no,  it's still not a thing.

Tea can extend your life – sort of…

Iron Kitchen

A couple of cuppas can help you live longer…if you happen to be a woman in your 70s and 80s.
According to Australian researchers, 40% of women in their Helen-Mirren/Maggie Smith years are less likely to pass away during the five years studied than other females of a similar age.
Tea, or more specifically, the flavonoids in it, also appeared to protect against the ravages of heart disease and cancer. Detailed information about their diet, including the amount of tea and coffee drunk, was used to work out what level of flavonoids they were consuming.
Deaths from heart disease and cancer – the two biggest killers of elderly women – were down, as well as the overall risk of death.
The Australian researchers analysed the health records of more than 1,000 women aged 75-plus.

Milky tea is just the worst

Iron Kitchen

A new survey from military charity SSAFA  has found that too much milk is the UK’s top tea turn-off. 

The top ten are as follows: 

1. Too milky (64%)
2. Mug not rinsed out properly (63%)
3. Watery residue on top of tea (53%)
4. Bag left in the mug (52%)
5. Mug of tea only half full (50%)
6. Mug is chipped (46%)
7. When tea has spilled into the saucer (32%)
8. The mug isn’t properly dried, leaving rings on the desk (29%)
9. The wrong type of tea is used (28%)
10. Not milky enough (27%)

The poll comes ahead of SSAFA’s Big Brew Up campaign which takes place across the UK from 22-28 June. It encourages friends, colleagues and family members to host tea parties to raise vital funds for the Armed Forces family.

UK drinks enough tea in a year to fill 5,300 Olympic swimming pools

Iron Kitchen

We’re not just a nation of tea drinkers – we’re  nation of tea obsessives, accordingto a new survey by children’s charity Dreams Come True

The survey revealed that the average person drinks enough to have three baths full of tea a year and that each of spends around £12,500 on tea over our lifetimes.

 The findings, which were announced to mark the start of children’s  charity Dreams Come True’s Dream Tea week, also found that a third of respondents will put the kettle on and make a cup of tea when they feel stressed.

Tea is the new booze – kind of…

Iron Kitchen

We Brits (and we Japanese, too) love a drink, especially now that summer is allegedly here (although it doesn’t look it from where I’m sitting). But maybe not as much as we love a cup of tea, according to a brand new report from research firm Mintel. The survey found that 62% of people see drinking tea as a good alternative to booze.

Now, we’re not advocating that you all immediately switch to becoming teetotalers – summer wouldn’t be the same without Pimms at Wimbledon or beers at a barbecue or even lukewarm cider at Glastonbury – but there are times when tea – iced or hot – can be a suitable substitute for the strong stuff. Here are ten perfect occasions when tea can be a excellent alcohol alternative:

1. At dinnertime. Asian food is perfectly complemented by tea. Sen Cha or green tea is perfect with Japanese food while more delicate Jasmine or Oolong complements Chinese food perfectly.

2. At the pub. We realize it’s a bit weird sipping a cuppa while the rest of the world quaffs pints or knocks back Jager bombs but one London drinkery (not sure if that’s a real word) has set itself up as a tea pub

3. After a night out. We’ve all done it – you have a night out, you come home and decide to have a ‘night cap’ (which is still the most seventies expression ever). Instead why not keep some sweet decaf ice tea or a bottle of cold Oolong tea in the fridge – you’ll thank yourself for it in the morning.

4. At a BBQ. Don’t dispense with the beer and wine completely, but keep this great BBC Good Food Citrus Ice Tea recipe to hand.

5. At a picnic. If the weather picks up and you can get outside for a picnic, why not try this deliciously different cranberry and orange ice tea all the way from Australia

6. For Birthdays. Thinking of buying tour loves ones a pair of socks or a four-pack of Old Speckled Hen (and yes, this has happened to one of us at Iron Kitchen)? Why not make their day with a our colourful IWACHU ARARE teapots instead? Remember a teapot is not just for a birthday, but for life.

7. At lunchtime. The days of boozy three-hour Mad Men style lunches are over (sadly?) but most of us are still partial to odd lunchtime pint or glass of Pinot. If you need to be fresh for the afternoon, why not switch to ice tea and keep a clear head.

8. For a treat. Anniversaries and birthdays normally involve a boozy night out but they don’t have to. Why not treat your loved one to a special afternoon tea ,instead?

A cuppa is one of the top 50 things that make our day – it’s official (-ish)

Iron Kitchen

According to a new survey of 2,000 people, sunny days, a perfect boiled and a good cup of tea are three of the top 50 things that make our day. 

It would appear that the simple things in life can really make a difference.  As reported in the Western Daily Press, Sarah Loosemore, Customer Services Director of Interparcel which commissioned the research, said: "When we get caught up in stress of daily routine, a small gesture or surprise can make all the difference."

The top three things that make our day are:
1. Waking up to a sunny morning
2. Fresh bed sheets
3. Getting unexpected post

A morning cup of tea came in at number 15 – 17 places above ice cream and 35 places above getting a match on Tinder. Who’d have thought that?